102 YEARS LATER… Granny Mom and Grandpa Dad turn old! Family Snowball Fight & Heart Sticker Pox

102 YEARS LATER... Granny Mom and Grandpa Dad turn old! Family Snowball Fight & Heart Sticker Pox

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Best Valentine’s Box Day Ever 1182

Did you know that starting the day off with some DIY crafts is a great way to get any Best Day Ever rolling? Today we are making Valentine’s Day boxes for Adley and Niko Bear. The kiddos picked out a unicorn and a shark to make as the home for all of their V-day cards! We start making them and Adley is in a very trolly mood!! She keeps getting Niko and me with hearts, or covering us with stickers!! We may have eaten a lot of cereal during our morning routine!

But we have a solution, whenever the kiddos start trolling, we have a giant shirt that we put them in so they have to be best friends while wearing. It turns into a huge chase inside our house trying to catch the kiddos. Niko Bear is really quick and keeps escaping!! We don’t get them in the shirt, but we do burn a lot of energy so that’s good. Back at the table, we keep trying to make these boxes. It’s been a minute, so we go around to everyone and get updates. Adley is getting a new room, Niko Bear is making a shark (hahah), Jenny and Navey are doing good and baby sister is learning how to roll over, and I have a special announcement. I have started doing live shows on this amazing app called Stereo! It’s a place were we can go deeper on things like the Spacestation, SSG, work, or whatever. I’ve always wanted to do a podcast like show and Stereo is the perfect places to do it. I have a show with Holladay but my next show I think we should have Jenny join me. So if you want to ask Jenny and me questions, tune in the day after this vlog goes up on YouTube!

We make a little bit of progress on our valentines boxes, when we look outside and see that it is snowing. We run out and start jumping on the trampoline!! Adley has the idea that we should play a game and have some family fun before we head back inside. Niko Bear loves the snow, so we go on a backyard tour to the splash pad and skate park to see how they are doing with the snow. We try to make a snowball but we need more snow, so we decide to go finish our boxes while more falls.

After what feels like 102 year, we finally finish the boxes and Jenny and I have turned into Granny Mom and Grandpa Dad. We are soo old! But tons of snow has fallen. So we get the kiddos all bundled up in their snow gear, which is a lot harder when your as old as we are. We head outside and start making a snow man. After a sad accident where the snowman broke, we use Adley and Niko Bear to finish the snow man. It’s the most life like snowman we’ve ever made. With all this snow, it doesn’t take long for a snowball fight to start. It’s tons of fun!!

The best way to end this cold snowy day is to get into the nice warm hot tub. Adley tells us it’s the fountain of youth so when Jenny and I jump in (or fall) we transform back to our young, beautiful selves! We spend the rest of the evening in the swimming pool, playing with the ball pit balls, doing tricks into the water and having tons of family fun!!

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Video 102 YEARS LATER… Granny Mom and Grandpa Dad turn old! Family Snowball Fight & Heart Sticker Pox

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