13 Reasons Why You’re Feeling Sleepy All The Time

13 Reasons Why You’re Feeling Sleepy All The Time

From sleep apnea, medication, caffeine overload, narcolepsy to stress and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them.

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Intro – 0:00
Sleep Deprivation – 00:48
Sleep Apnea – 01:40
Anemia – 02:11
Medication – 02:57
Food Sensitivities – 03:43
Caffeine Overload – 04:32
Heart disease – 05:18
Too much exercise during the day – 05:55
Too hot or too cold in bed – 06:48
Narcolepsy – 07:36
Stress – 08:16
Depression – 09:11
Sedentary lifestyle – 09:53


1. Sleep Deprivation: Sleep deprivation occurs when a person does not get enough sleep. Adults need between 7 and 8 hours of sleep each night to feel alert and well-rested the following day. However, about 20% of adults fail to get enough sleep.

2. Sleep Apnea: Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder in which sufferers briefly stop breathing for short periods during sleep. Most people are not aware this is happening, but it can cause loud snoring and daytime sleepiness.

3. Anemia: Iron deficiency anemia is a common cause of sleepiness. Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body, and iron is a main component of these cells. Without enough iron, your body may not be getting the oxygen it needs for energy. Women who experience heavy menstrual periods or are pregnant may be at higher risk for iron deficiency anemia.

4. Medication: If you’re on some kind of medication, then, it can also be one of the contributing factors why you feel sleepy all the time. Certain types of medicines can cause you to feel sleepy after you eat them. Think of it this way around, do you start feeling drowsy constantly right after starting a new medication? Do you notice a change in your sleeping pattern?

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Video 13 Reasons Why You’re Feeling Sleepy All The Time

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