1978 Honda ATC 90 Full Restoration – Grand Finale

1978 Honda ATC 90 Full Restoration - Grand Finale


Welcome to the last episode of the Honda ATC 90 restoration, I really hope you find the video entertaining and final product worth the wait as i certainly do.

There really isn’t much to describe this time as you have seen me restore all the parts in previous episodes and in this one its just a case of putting them back together in the correct order.

The only really technical things i do are the cleaning and sealing of the tank this was done by filling the tank to the brim with deox c to remove all of the rust and dissolve anything else nasty that was hiding in there.This was left overnight to do its job them the deox was poured out and the tank thoroughly rinsed out and dried. In order to stop the inside from rusting again the was sealed with a polyester resin designed for this job. It was mixed up and poured in then while it was going off i had to keep rotating the tank to get a nice even coverage and to avoid it all pooling on the base of the tank and blocking the fuel ports.

Another slightly technical job was to fit a new seat cover and as im not an upholsterer there was certainly a few choice words flying around the room. In order to secure the seat to the seat unit there are a couple of steel plates that need to be inserted in the new seat cover, now these had rusted away on my original seat but luckily there was enough left of one that i could get the shape and dimensions from it to remake new plates so this was done and i welded on the captive bolts and fitted a nice rubber trim just like the OEM ones and then interested then into the nice new vinyl cover.

After these couple of jobs everything else was pretty much just nuts and bolts and adding the final touches like the nice new decals to set it off and give it back that factory fresh look.

Then all i had to do was simply add oil and fuel and it was time for a blast around the countryside to see what this 43 year old trike could do and im pleased to say it performed very well and i didn’t fall off which was nice too.

So thats about it for this description, I hope you enjoy the video and will leave a like and a comment and ill see you again soon with a shiny new episode.




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1978 Honda ATC 90 Full Restoration – Grand Finale

Video 1978 Honda ATC 90 Full Restoration – Grand Finale

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