9 Attempts in CA Final! | WHY??? | Nishant Kumar

9 Attempts in CA Final! | WHY??? | Nishant Kumar

CA | Chartered Accountant | Maths | CA Foundation Maths | 9 Attempts in CA Final! | WHY??? | Nishant Kumar

Welcome to Unacademy CA Foundation, your one-stop solution for CA preparation.

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India’s top educators will be teaching you daily on this channel. We will cover the entire syllabus, strategy, updates, and notifications which will help you to crack the CA Foundation exam.

During the live session, our educators will be sharing a lot of tips and tricks to crack the exam. CA aspirants who are preparing for their exam will be benefited from this channel

The journey of CA preparation is not easy. Unacademy, through the medium of videos presented to you by the best faculty on board, presents a perfect platform for students planning to ace the exam. Together let’s reach the epitome of success.
Unacademy platform has the best educators from all over the country, who take live classes every day.

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Video 9 Attempts in CA Final! | WHY??? | Nishant Kumar

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