A Bush Walk with the Elephants | But Where is Khanyisa?

A Bush Walk with the Elephants | But Where is Khanyisa?

Following on from the last video, Khanyisa joins up with the herd. Tokwe stops to turn and greet Khanyisa and Limpopo and Timisa stay close to her too, as she is the youngest elephant in the herd and therefore the most vulnerable.

Pisa is very animated this morning, after arriving early to fetch Khanyisa at the orphanage to letting out a great trumpet as she leads the herd through the reserve. The females all stop to smell something on the ground and then head on again – smelling something different in the area that we can’t be sure of, since we hadn’t spotted wild elephants or lions.

Enjoy views of Klaserie, Bubi, and Fishan all out foraging on the vegetation. Pisa stands out too with her short tusks and short tail hairs. Her head is similarly round in shape to Timisa’s. Carer Joshua and Adine can hardly spot Khanyisa in the bush, as she blends in and is small enough to miss. With a group of carers to look after the herd during the day, there is always someone who keeps an eye on Khanyisa – not only Kumbura.

This time Adine, joined by Joshua and Israel, spot Khanyisa down beside Bubi and Setombe! It’s interesting to see Setombe from time to time joining allomother duties beside Khanyisa. Setombe has warmed to the little calf, despite her wary nature. Bubi is also recognisable with her left tusk pointing outwards and her long eyelashes that always catch out attention.

The anti-poaching unit fly over the reserve, which they do during both the day and night – you can hear them in the distance. Khanyisa’s trunk skills are proving very efficient as she grows stronger and bigger.

Adine soon heads back through the bush to the orphanage, minding for the pepperticks that can be found in the grass this time of year.

Video A Bush Walk with the Elephants | But Where is Khanyisa?

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