Activities for 2 years old children ||#shorts#youtubeshorts

Activities for 2 years old children ||#shorts#youtubeshorts

Fun and Engaging activities for 2 year children.

1 Building Blocks:This game introduces your child to letters and numbers.

Give your toddler a set of colourful blocks labelled with alphabets or numbers, and ask him/her to stack them.

2.Matching Game:This activity can be an excellent learning tool.

Draw a vertical line on a sheet of paper.

Draw two sets of same items, like fruits or vegetables, and have your kid match them.
Its hepls in conginitive skills & Hand-eye coordination.

3.Watering the plants:Toddlers can indulge in their love for water play, through this activity.

Give your child a plastic watering can and show him/her how to water the plants.
It helps in sensory skills & cognitive skill.

4.Colour sorting:This activity helps nurture your toddler’s love for colours.

Arrange a collection of similar items, like wood blocks, Lego pieces, blocks, cars, and magnets, and prompt your kid to categorise them by colour.

It helps in conginitive skills &hand-eye coordination.

5.Pouring water in cups:

Provide your kid with few plastic cups and a pitcher.

Allow him/her to pour water into the cups, from the pitcher.

Refill the pitcher when it gets empty.

It helps in fine motor skills & Hand-eye coordination .

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Video Activities for 2 years old children ||#shorts#youtubeshorts

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