Antique Meat Cleaver – Perfect Restoration and Awesome Handle

Antique Meat Cleaver - Perfect Restoration and Awesome Handle

I found this worthless antique meat cleaver and I decided to give a perfect restoration and to make a beautiful wood handle. The outcome will blow your mind.
A friend from Bulgaria, who is also my subscriber, showed me this cleaver and from the moment I saw it I realized that I can offer a perfect restoration. So I started to restore this cleaver.
The whole restoration process was a pleasure for me, because as I progressed in the restoration, the product became more and more beautiful and I could see how it regained the splendor it once had.
The big challenge was to make the handle. I chose a curly mango wood, bought from Hawaii with brass pins, and one of them had a special pattern.
The cleaver was also broken and had a lot of issues but I restored all of them. I think it’s the most beautiful restoration video of mine, everything turned out the way I wanted and the restoration itself was a pleasure to do.
The restoration project took me 3 weeks (filming and editing) but for sure you will enjoy this restoration video.
I have tried my best as I always do, to make the restoration easy for you to understand, but if you have questions about the restoration or anything else regarding the process or materials used in the restoration, just ask me and I will answer you all.
Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video!
Suggestions and comments are welcome.
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Cheers and Enjoy !!
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Video Antique Meat Cleaver – Perfect Restoration and Awesome Handle

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