EVERY DLC Creature on ARK Genesis Part 2 & Where to Find Them

EVERY DLC Creature on ARK Genesis Part 2 & Where to Find Them

Literally EVERY Creature from the previous DLC maps, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction & Genesis that are on ARK Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2. Where to find them. Bonus Giga Spawns. And closing up some myths too!

⏩ https://youtu.be/zD0xr_Hu3Ughttps://youtu.be/zvbJvHbTHyY ⏩

⏩ EVERY GEN R VARIANT Creature & Spawn Codes https://youtu.be/zD0xr_Hu3Ug ⏩

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Dragonoflegend “Dancing In The Moonlight (8-Bit Cover)” https://youtu.be/_RBK7t6iJ-M

00:00 Introduction
00:35 Giga & R-Giga
01:03 Griffin & Rockdrake
01:28 Astrocetus
01:37 Basilisk
01:53 Bloodstalker
02:05 Bulbdog
02:20 Enforcer
02:28 Featherlight
02:40 Ferox
02:56 Gacha
03:06 R-Gasbags
03:20 Glowtail
03:34 Jerboa
03:45 Karkinos
03:53 Lymantria
04:01 Managarmr
04:10 Mantis
04:18 R-Reaper
04:32 Ravager
04:39 Rock Golem
04:47 Roll Rat
04:57 Shinehorn
05:15 R-Snow Owl
05:25 Thorny Dragon
05:35 Velo & R-Velo
05:53 Final Thoughts & Tips
06:38 ??????

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Video EVERY DLC Creature on ARK Genesis Part 2 & Where to Find Them

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