Everything you need to know when buying/using an Oscilloscope! EB#49

Everything you need to know when buying/using an Oscilloscope! EB#49

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In this electronics basics episode we will be having a look at the biggest mistake you can do when working with an oscilloscope. But I will not only show you how to do safe mains voltage measurements but also show you all the basics when it comes to oscilloscopes. That means I will show you how to choose one, how to do simple voltage and current measurements and finally how FFT works. I will explain passive probes, triggering, voltage & time division, measuring functions, the cursor function, AC & DC coupling and single mode capturing. Let’s get started!

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2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats

0:00 The big mistake when using an oscilloscope
1:08 Intro
2:02 How to choose a scope?
4:44 Passive probes & scaling factor
5:55 Trigger
6:41 Voltage division
7:11 Time division
7:37 Measure function
7:47 Cursor function
8:19 AC & DC coupling
9:08 Single mode capturing
9:36 Current measurement
10:16 Safe mains voltage measurement
11:37 Differential probe
11:52 Math & FFT

Video Everything you need to know when buying/using an Oscilloscope! EB#49

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