How Bad Was The Tiger?

How Bad Was The Tiger?

Germany’s Tiger heavy tank from WWII is the center of a lot of contentious discussion within the tank / armored fighting vehicle community. Some people are under the impression that it was practically invincible on the battlefield, others are convinced that it was totally unreliable and never got anything done. We’re gonna be examining the Tiger’s history and performance to get a real understanding of what the Tiger was like.

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Tiger – Thomas Anderson
Tiger 1 Heavy Tank 1942-45 – Tom Jentz, Peter Sarson
Tiger Tanks at War – Michael Green, James D. Brown
Panther, Germany’s quest for combat dominance – Michael Green, Gladys Green
Tiger Tank Commanders – Patrick Agte
Germany’s Tiger Tanks D.W. to Tiger I – Thomas L. Jentz, Hilary L. Doyle
German Tank Maintenance in World War II – Department of the Army (1954)

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