Hyper DBZ The Majin Build Announcement!

Hyper DBZ The Majin Build Announcement!

Download links TO CHAMP’s BUILD (April 7th 2017):

North American server:

European server:

South American server:

*If downloads are slow, please understand that many people will be downloading at once, so it’s perfectly normal, please don’t flip!

Our very, VERY belated 3rd ‘official’ public build of Hyper Dragon Ball Z is here! The big main changes are the addition of Babidi, Majin Vegeta and the screenpack. For a full list of changes made from the previous build (EVO 2014 build),
check the ‘Readme – updates’.txt which you’ll find in the root folder of Hyper DBZ.
There’s also a ‘Hyper DBZ Movelist’ file in there, which can link you to any of the character’s movelists directly.

Have a friend over, two controllers plugged into your pc and launch Hyper DBZ for a few exciting bouts!
If you’re new to this; all you need to do the get started is unpack/unzip the downloaded file,
enter the ‘Hyper Dragon Ball Z The Majin Build’ folder and doubleclick/launch ‘HyperDBZ.exe’!
Default controls (for player 1) are arrow keys (move), Enter (start), and A, S, D, Z, X, C (attacks).
You can configure your joypad/controllers in the Options Menu.

Awesome Hyper DBZ Title Theme guitar cover by 94Stones:

Note 1: A bit of color correction was applied and some sound effects were added
and thus the video might not represent the ingame HDBZ images 100%.

Note 2: This is actually the first time I’ve recorded from the Hyper DBZ build
instead of recording from my Winmugen setup, hence this video is 4:3 (640×480)
compared to the widescreen display of all my previously uploaded videos.

Thanks for reading!

Video Hyper DBZ The Majin Build Announcement!

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