In GTA 5.. Where does JIMMY go on his BICYCLE?! (NO WAY!)

In GTA 5.. Where does JIMMY go on his BICYCLE?! (NO WAY!)

(GTA 5 Mods) Where does Jimmy in GTA 5 go on his bicycle?! Let’s find out by following him! #GTA5Mods #GrandTheftAuto5 #GTA5RealLifeMod

In today’s GTA 5 PC Mods video, Michael’s son Jimmy is acting all weird. He is locking himself in his room, sneaking out of the house, it’s like he is up to something! And Michael wants to know what it is! He even asked Trevor about it, but Trevor didn’t seem to know anything… or did he? But when Michael decides to follow Jimmy to see where he goes on his bicycle, he is shocked by what he finds! Watch this GTA 5 Mods video to find out what happened!

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Thanks for watching! If this video gets 2,000 likes, I’ll do another GTA 5 following Jimmy or another character video! And let me know if you have ideas for other GTA 5 funny moments videos!

Video In GTA 5.. Where does JIMMY go on his BICYCLE?! (NO WAY!)

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