Marvel: Why The Avengers Hate Godzilla

Marvel: Why The Avengers Hate Godzilla

Did you know about the time that The World’s Mightiest Crusaders went toe to toe with the King of The Monsters? I thought not, it’s not a story Disney (Or Toho) would tell you.

The ’70s were a crazy time for comic books, and for Kaiju movies as well, so why not bring the two together? Well from 1977 to 1979 Stan lee’s Comics did just that, bringing King of the Kaiju to comic bookshelves for an American audience to enjoy.

The monthly two-year run was an interesting experiment, to say the least. S.H.I.E.L.D agent Dum Dum Dugan was tasked with subduing the green lizard by any means necessary. While Dugan inevitably failed to contain big G, he got to fight a bunch of original Kaiju such as Batragon and Red Ronin, unfortunately, one of the biggest comic franchise wasn’t willing to pay for the rights to classic King of the Monsters enemies such as King Ghidorah and Mechagojira, but these were a welcome addition nonetheless.

The whole series culminated in an epic battle between Savior of San Francisco and a few members like Iron Man and Thor. The biggest shame has to be that he never got a chance to fight The Hulk, a missed opportunity if there has ever been one.

With the future of Legendary Pictures’ MCUesque Monsterverse up in the air, the future is unclear for any non-Japanese Giant Lizard Beast action. But with the team of super friends and the King of the Monsters both seeing some incredible success in recent years, it seems like bringing them together would be a no-brainer.

What did you think of the video? Was the confrontation as silly as you expected it to be or were you hoping for something a bit more serious? Let us know in the comments if you want Legendary to continue the Monsterverse or if you think the rights should go to someone else. Make sure to keep up with CBR for all your superhero and kaiju action.


00:00 Intro
00:45 When Titan SaviourNature’s Fearsome Guardian Met The Team of Heroes
03:58 Stan Lee’s Godzilla Comic Series
06:03 Is a rematch in the works?


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Video Marvel: Why The Avengers Hate Godzilla

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