MESSI HAS BEEN KICKED OUT FROM BARCELONA and here's why it's a thing!

MESSI HAS BEEN KICKED OUT FROM BARCELONA and here's why it's a thing!

MESSI HAS BEEN KICKED OUT FROM BARCELONA and here’s why it’s a thing!

Hello again! Yes, friends, now we will go out a little more often!

IN FACT, NOT EVERY DAY, the greatest footballer in the history of the game, LIONEL MESSI , CHANGES THE CLUB!

Yes, you’ve heard it right, MESSI OFFICIALLY LEFT BARCELONA and there is no single percent chance of him miraculously remaining at the Camp Nou!

The matter is that Messi’s departure was confirmed both by Laporta at his press conference, and Barcelona players, who have already said goodbye to Lionel on social media platforms!

Take a look at that touching post by Gerard Pique! We really almost burst into tears!

Also, many reputable journalists have already stated that Messi’s negotiations with PSG are progressing well and he should soon move to Paris! It is reported that Leo will still play under the tenth number! Here’s a photo for confirmation! Messi’s presentation will take place on August 10 near the Eiffel Tower!

Do you still doubt what is happening and it seems to you that this is a prolonged nightmare? Friends, you better wake up!

By the way, how do you like this fact? ..

Khalifa Bin Hamad Al-Thani, brother of PSG owner Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, announced the completion of negotiations with Argentinean Lionel Messi.

“Negotiations are officially concluded. An announcement will be later,” Al Thani tweeted, posting a picture of Messi wearing a PSG jersey.

We will definitely make a video on Messi’s move to PSG to our channel – we promise, it will be a very amusing ride! Let’s wait for the official announcement!

But today we would like to slightly choose another topic! We want to discuss and figure out with you what really happened and why many bloggers and journalists believe that MESSI was actually kicked out from BARCELONA!

It seems that the President of Barcelona Joan Laporta is clearly hiding something …

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Now let’s get started!

“Everything that surrounded Messi’s case was odd! It is also surprising how quickly he seems to have reached an agreement with PSG. Such a contract сannot just be cut short within 24 hours! ”, – one of the most respected Catalan journalists Oriol Domenech tweeted.

Besides, don’t you now find the same picture of Messi with the PSG players the day before the announcement of leaving Barcelona quite strange? This photo was spread around the world on 4th of August , and on 5th of August Barca issued the same statement about Lionel’s departure … MAYBE, Lionel and his father had already negotiated with the Parisians and knew that they were ready to offer much more money – 35 million euros a year – and it’s worth joining a promising sports project with Neymar, Ramos, Mbappe and other stars! Who knows how to unfold this truth? ..

Indeed, a lot of pieces in the story of Messi’s departure can’t be added up! Even more confusion is added by the words of Messi’s father – Jorge – who is an agent of the football player:

“It’s good for Barcelona, ​​that we will not continue to play in this club,” – publication Cuatro quoted the father of Messi.

An ambiguous statement, don’t you agree? ..

Moreover! On the air of the popular Spanish TV program El Chiringuito TV, a real sensation happened!

LAPORTA HID THE FACT that BARCELONA itself offered MESSI another salary cut. The journalist Jordi Jota told about this.

“”The Vice President of Barcelona Yuste told Messi that he should cut his salary by another 30%!” …

CAN YOU IMAGINE? MESSI already agreed to a salary cut by 50%, and then another proposal came … Okay, we continue to quote Jota:

“This proposal created tension between Messi and Yuste. And then Jorge told Laporta that he won the election using his son, ”the journalist concluded.

IF THIS IS TRUE, it radically changes the whole essence of what happened!

Turns out that the Messi clan was ready to sign a new contract with Barça, and therefore Jorge arrived at the office of the Catalan club on the 5th of August, but then the situation changed radically, although it was said in advance that Messi’s new contract with Barcelona was a THOROUGHLY MADE DECISION!

The info can be confirmed by the radio station RAC1, which wrote an article about a new salary cut for Leo.

Perhaps that is why MESSI WAS THAT SHOCKED, and not because he was disappointed with the actions of La Liga, which forbade him to register a new contract with Barça.

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