NIO: 5 SECRET Reasons Why You Have To Buy NIO stock

NIO: 5 SECRET Reasons Why You Have To Buy NIO stock

NIO: 5 SECRET Reasons Why You Have To Buy NIO stock

The wannabe ‘Tesla Killer’ doubling electric-vehicle (EV) sales and coming back from the brink of bankruptcy. The EV startup kicked off this new year strong, unveiling its first electric sedan and posting a huge January sales gain. Then EV stocks at large sold off sharply along with Tesla (TSLA), the global leader in electric cars.

Founded in 2014, Nio had little experience in vehicle manufacturing when it came on the scene. But it promised a bright future. Its Chinese name, Weilai, means “blue sky coming.” Well is there actually a blue sky coming? Here are 5 SECRET reasons why you have to buy NIO stock!

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0:00 INTRO
0:44 Number 1: Rebounding auto market
1:42 Number 2: The EV megatrend is back
3:28 Number 3: Product offerings
4:58 Number 4: Adding income streams
6:07 Number 5: Compelling valuation and improving fundamentals
8:40 OUTRO
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Video NIO: 5 SECRET Reasons Why You Have To Buy NIO stock

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