The Best Carry-On Travel Double-Edge Razor Option

The Best Carry-On Travel Double-Edge Razor Option

Are these disposable double-edge razors a good option for travel? One of the drawbacks to traditional shaving is the difficulty of travel. If you don’t want to check bags, your only options have been to mail blades ahead or find somewhere to buy blades at your destination. Neither of those options is convenient, which forces many of us to use cartridge razors while on travel. Could this disposable prep double-edge razor be the answer?

A special thank you to Domenick who kindly sent me a couple of these razors to evaluate for you.

Items in the video:
McKesson Performance Plus Double Edge Prep Razor –
Mystic Water Soap –
Shave Forge Ruby Red Brush Handle –
Captain’s Choice Copper Lather Bowl –

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Video The Best Carry-On Travel Double-Edge Razor Option

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