The Only Difference

The Only Difference

Capo 8

The [G]only [D]difference between a [C]good day and a [G]bad day
[C]is your [G]atti[D]tude
the [C]choice is [D]always [G]yours

[G]You can become blind by [D]seeing each day
[C]as a similar [G]one
Each [C]day is a different one
each [G]day brings a [Am]miracle of its [D]own
It’s [C]just a matter of paying [D]attention
to this [G]miracle

If you’re [G]having a [D]bad day
[C]just remember [G]that
you have [C]managed to get through every [G]bad day you’ve [D]had
[C]you’ll make it [D]through this one [G]too

You [C]always have the [D]choice to be [G]happy
[C]Learn to understand the [D]purpose of bumps in the [G]road
[C]grow from them and [D]stay posi[G]tive

Words by Dennis Brown, Paul Coelho, LIVELIFEHAPPY
Music by Peter Chin P.Eng
5th June 2021

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