21 years in Barcelona, ​​778 appearances made, 672 goals scored, 305 assists delivered, 35 trophies won and hundreds of millions of conquered hearts! These are the statistics of Leo Messi throughout the history of his stay at the club. Unfortunately, now the legend of world football leaves the capital of Catalonia. This is the end of an era.

Or is there still a chance? Whether he really left the club or is it all a big game of serious people in big jackets. Be sure to watch this video to the end and you will get to know everything about the current situation with Leo Messi and Barcelona. We are to say Vamos and begin immediately!

Nothing seemed to сause the trouble

The last few days everything was as calm as possible for Barcelona supporters. In all the news that appeared regarding Messi, it was reported that as soon as Leo returned from vacation, he would immediately sign a new contract and a happy ending would finally occur.

However, on the evening of the 5th of August everything just exploded with news! It all started with the Marca newspaper, which tore up the media space with the statements that things had suddenly turned upside down. According to them, after a meeting between the player’s representatives and the club’s management, the signing of the contract turned out to be impossible.

The main version of Messi’s departure was initially called the situation between La Liga, a certain investment fund of CVC Capital Partners and, in fact, Barcelona.

We are to recall that La Liga agreed to sell 10% of its shares to CVC Capital Partners for 2.7 billion euros. 90% of this amount was to be distributed among the clubs to cover the costs somehow connected with the pandemic. For Barcelona, ​​that would mean that they could close the Messi deal.

Although La Liga had its own conditions for Barça and also for Real Madrid. These clubs should have forgotten about the Super League project forever. In fact, everyone seemed to forget that Barça, Real and Juventus officially remained in the Super League project. Moreover, they are the ones who are currently suing UEFA in an attempt to defend the rights to hold the tournament.

Real reacted to this condition rather abruptly and immediately opposed the deal to sell the shares. But Barcelona allegedly faced a choice: keep Messi and leave the Super League, or stay in the Super League and lose Leo. Obviously, the bosses of the blaugranas chose not to follow the instructions of Javier Tebas, as after a few minutes Barcelona officially announced that Leo was leaving the club.

“Despite having reached an agreement between FC Barcelona and Leo Messi, with the clear intention of both parties to sign a new contract, it can’t be formalized due to economic and structural obstacles,” the statement read.

It is easy to understand from this piece that both the player and the club wanted to continue cooperation, but simply couldn’t afford it because of the restrictions imposed by La Liga. And that smoothly brings us to a certain theory.

It’s all a bluff against La Liga

But what if all of that is a bluff trying to push Tebas and La Liga to make concessions? Soon after the announcement of Messi’s leaving, such information began to spread.

For example, Toni Juanmarti, a journalist from Diario Sport, wrote that Barcelona’s statement is not yet final. He claims that this was done only in order to put pressure on the leadership of the league.

What are the arguments in favor of the fact that this is actually a bluff.

Firstly, according to reports from people close to the Barça dressing room, the players had no idea of Messi and Barcelona not renewing the contract. If the players themselves say that they are not knowing much, then this may be proof that everything is still possible. After all, Leo would surely have said something to his teammates.

Secondly, the Spanish journalist Miquel Blázquez wrote that the club says the deal is still real to be concluded. It will be hard to pull off, though. That is, there is still a job to be done behind the curtains.

Nevertheless, the most important thing is money. Laporta is well aware of the importance of Leo Messi to all Spanish football. If he leaves the national league, then all sponsors will begin to leave and put tremendous pressure on La Liga, demanding lower prices for rights. After all, without the Argentinean, absolutely everything that concerns La Liga will begin to fall in price at a rapid speed. The risk of remaining without the persona of Leo Messi, with previously left Cristiano Ronaldo, could be the end for Tebas. And this is the most powerful plan up the sleeve from Barcelona.

Of course, a version that Laporta is bluffing exists, but there is also much simplest turn of events that cannot be ignored.

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