What is Logical (meme ??) feat. Stanford Bunny & friends

What is Logical (meme ??) feat. Stanford Bunny & friends

If this version is hard on your eyes, you can watch the glitchless version here https://youtu.be/dJxLG2X8ZBU

Who is Stanford Bunny? Well, computer graphics researchers want to test their algorithms on a standard object, and it just turns out their favorite example is a bunny made by two Stanford researchers in 1993. Seriously, there are so many instances of that Stanford Bunny in computer science research, it’s like their biggest meme.

And the bunny has a few friends, such as the Stanford Armadillo, the Utah Teapot, Suzanne the Blender Monkey, and more!

Basically I was thinking, what if I try to make an animation meme without drawing anything… but with the same kind of disquiet, slightly edgy, but also cute style? And featuring a meme from SCIENCE?

And that’s what I get… an animation meme with only clips, starring Stanford Bunny and friends.

Despite the frantic editing and meme-y feel, I think the meaning behind it is a feeling of derealization and depersonalization as science and technology progresses.

What’s the difference between simulation and reality (1:30)? What’s the difference between 9 perfect replicas without an original (1:18)? What’s the difference between an original simulation and a stylized version of it (0:56)? When we are all awake, we are actually still dreaming, except that this waking dream is yoked to an outside world through our sense-organs. What happens when the sense-organs are yoked
to a different slice of the outside world (1:15)?

All clips collected from a YouTube playlist I made last year. Roughly over half are from @Two Minute Papers

My mind is a very strange place despite the cute ponies!

Video What is Logical (meme ??) feat. Stanford Bunny & friends

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