Why do Protestants say Images are Idols?

Why do Protestants say Images are Idols?

Why do Protestants say Images are Idols? What is an idol? As we can read in the dictionary, idol is the image of a false god, who does not exist and, therefore, neither hears, nor sees, nor understands. Now, our separated brothers show us a single image of a false god that Catholics have? There is none. The images of Jesus are of true God, because Jesus is God. Of the images of Mary or of the saints, no one says that they are gods, but exemplary human creatures, who, like heroes, are an example for us in our society.

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Indeed, contemplation tends to create in us a vision of wisdom, to think, according to God, of reality and to form in us “the mind of Christ” (1 Corinthians 2,16). “Do not live according to the criteria of the present time; on the contrary, change your way of thinking so that your way of living changes and you will come to know the will of God, that is, what is good, what is pleasant, what is perfect.” (Romans 12,2)


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