World's Top 10 Best Airline Cabin Crew

World's Top 10 Best Airline Cabin Crew

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Watch this video for the World’s Top 10 Airline Cabin Crew by Sam Chui. Enjoy the flight attendant interaction with Sam and other passengers. You will see flight attendant working in galley and their crew rest area. Count down from Number 10 to 1 for the best airline flight attendants, watch out for many surprises!

Note: The ranking is strictly based on personal experience and preference.

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Enjoy an informative, nostalgic and personal insight in to my top 10 favourite airlines in this video based on the superb on-board customer experience that they provide. Meet the airline stewards and stewardesses who make it all happen and see the hectic activity that goes on backstage in the aeroplaneโ€™s galley to make sure that your pillows are plumped, your privacy is protected, your food is tasty and hot and that cocktail is sublime!

In this video, we meet the kind and friendly staff of South African Airways, the vibrant staff of Philippine Airlines and the fun, loving and outgoing staff of Air Asia, as well as the more reserved staff, but certainly no less professional and courteous, of Qantas, Qatar Airways and Emirates.

We also meet the staff of Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and Eva Air and recall special, unforgettable moments spent in the air with this group of airlines at times such as Christmas, as well as seeing the little personal touches that all the airlines in this video provide that make them worthy of inclusion in this top 10.

Youโ€™ll be astonished at the lengths that the airline staff in this video go to in order to ensure a hospitable and comfortable flight, both in business class and economy class, and their ability to adapt to
the specific challenges presented by the different models of aeroplane they fly in such as the A350 1000 of Qatar Airways, the Boeing 777 of Emirates and the SQ21 of Singapore Airlines.

Which airline has your loyalty and is your number 1? Let me know your opinions in the comments and thanks as always for watching.

Video World's Top 10 Best Airline Cabin Crew

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