Xur Exotics Destiny 2 | Where Is Xur?

Xur Exotics Destiny 2 | Where Is Xur?

Today we break down Xur’s inventory for the week of 8/6/2021. Whether you’re a Titan, Hunter or Warlock, Xur sells some of the best exotics Destiny 2 has to offer. He spawns in one of several locations every Friday at reset, and brings with him some of the best weapons in Destiny 2.

Whether you’re looking to run Grandmaster Nightfalls, Master Vault Of Glass or hunting your Dredgen title in Gambit, Xur is the vendor to go to for some of the best exotics in the game.

Today he’s selling the Skyburner’s Oath Exotic Scout Rifle. That weapon deals bonus damage to Cabal and fires differently when aimed down sights or firing from the hip. Hunters can pick up the Ophidia Spathe exotic chest, which gives you a second knife charge when running Top or Bottom Tree Gunslinger. Titans can grab the Severance Enclosure chest piece, which when paired together with middle tree Sunbreaker can make an insane Titan build. Warlocks can get the Eye Of Another World exotic helmet, which makes their abilities cooldown faster in the background.

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